How concrete mixing plant to the maximum extent possible to reduce losses With the development of society, concrete has become one of the essential building materials, production of concrete mixing plant to humans has become increasingly important. How, then, can reduce the loss of the concrete mixing plant to Widely uManual Mobile Spider Concrete Placing Boom the maximum extent, reduce production costs? First, the raw material should be controlled to reduce the leakage of powder materials, adequate supply of such materials to maximize assurance. Then is the core operation of the concrete mixing station equipment, including mixers, batching machines, each weighing hopper, screw conveyors, silos and accessories, and even includes a control system. When the operation must be in accordance with the instructions, if careful care of these devices, of course, life will be longer, and vice versa! The final step is the protection of the external force, such as anti-canopy and other structures. Some specific details about the practice have mentioned before, where I do not say! I believe as long as these points, concrete mixing station will greatly lengthen the life! Formulation and preparation of cement silo Heat Treatment Cement silo develop and what preparation work to be done during the construction phase of the heat treatment program. 1, a heat treatment to develop cement silo construction program Before heat treatment, post weld heat treatment should be worked out according to the requirements of the construction program construction inspectorate. Construction program includes content in accordance with design requirements and related standards for the heat treatment process parameters determined by the cement silo, heat treatment methods and equipment, temperature measurement point layout, quality assurance and safety measures. There is no clearly defined standard heat treatment parameters for now, the process parameters must be determined by experiment, refrigerator technology test construction Concrete Placing Boom manufacturers monitoring department report. 2, cement silo ready before the heat treatment Cement silo and non-destructive testing is completed later identified by the supervision departments fully qualified, heat treatment can begin construction, insulate and prepare before ignition. Preparation before heat treatment must be strict and meticulous, carefully check all the tooling equipment, each system, in order to achieve completely stable and reliable, and will not stop halfway, in particular, shall avoid failure at 300-600 degrees C higher temperature region ceasefire. Construction workers equipped to develop a number of on-site technical operator responsible for the observed temperature meter and control valve adjustment. Various equipment systems have positions of responsibility. Everything is ready visitor ordered the ignition.

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